We have regular residents meetings, where we discuss the day to day running of our Home and service users are encouraged to voice their opinions. They are asked to participate in menu planning, staff selection, entertainment and outing arrangements. Our residents’ are our decision makers, we empower them through the consultations on running the home and we positively encourage families to attend.

We do involve our service users in our practical fire drills and verbal ones. We have a designated person to test the fire alarms and call points once per week. Please feel free to check our fire book for reference, where every drill is recorded.

All staff members undergo a thorough fire training programme, which is reviewed three monthly and each individual resident has a fire evacuation plan.

There is an active ongoing programme of maintenance to ensure full safety for clients, visitors and staff. Part of our success is that we constantly re-invest in the home. If anything is not up to standard, please let us know – we will be interested. We have an in-house maintenance and decoration team led by Mark our Maintenance manager.

Residents are responsible for their own valuables whilst in the home, and we provide a lockable facility in each bedroom. We provide a sundry account system for residents pocket money if it is needed. We are not able to store large amounts of cash on the premises or valuable items for insurance reasons. If a person is struggling to manage their own affairs we are happy to point in the direction of an independent advocate.

Service-users are welcome to have access to their records and information about them held by the home, as well as opportunities to help maintain their personal records.

Any information or records the home may hold regarding any resident are secure, and are used in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.There may be a charge incurred for copying large volumes of historical records.

Lakeview Rest Homes Ltd. ask that gifts do not be given to staff. Staff are forbidden from receiving cash or gifts of any kind from service-users, their families or friends. Please do not try to give a member of staff such a gift, as they will have to refuse it and refusal often offends people. If you wish to show your appreciation please see the individual home manager.

It is also forbidden for members of staff to assist in the making of, or benefiting in any way from a service-users will. Not only is this a company policy, but it is a requirement of the Care Standards Act 2000.