Our policy regarding visiting is simple, it is the resident’s choice.

We are happy to receive visitors at any time of the day. Visits may be taken in any of the lounges or in the resident’s bedroom, we just ask that you make yourself at home. Where possible, we will provide you with a cup of tea and a smile.

If a visitor wishes to take a resident out of the home, again we have an open door policy. We do ask that we are given some details e.g. if you are leaving the premises, for fire purposes; when to expect the resident to return, in order that we can determine whether there may be a problem if someone is late back etc…


Service users can contact their family and friends by letter writing, with the assistance of staff for those who have difficulty reading or writing.

They can contact their loved ones by phone, we have a payphone that they can use, or we can take a handset phone to them in their own private rooms. They can also have a telephone installed in their bedroom if they wish.