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Located in Lytham St Annes, Lakeview Lodge, Newfield Lodge, Rosewood Lodge and The Moorings are part of a family owned group of care homes, where we have been providing the best in care since 1987.

Our team are passionate about creating a safe and secure environment where the residents, families and staff are treated with dignity and respect.

We know that a care home is much more than a building with lots of facilities, it is our residents home. This is why we are committed to provide our residents with a personal level of care which recognises the importance of independence, dignity and choice. Our teams value each resident and work with them, their friends and families to build lasting relationships.

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We aim to provide the best possible care experience for our residents. The key to this is to ensure that our teams care for and value each resident whilst respecting their individuality and dignity. This includes working in partnership with residents’ friends and families to ensure we achieve person-centred care and support.

Our leadership team are passionate and actively involved in innovative research and development so we are able to provide the most effective care and support. We promote a learning environment for our residents and their care team.

We are proud that most of our experienced and enthusiastic care team have been with us for many years, so there is excellent continuity of care. When we are looking to expand our team, we use Value-Based recruitment tools to attract the best people and we even involve residents in the interviewing process. We only recruit people who recognise the importance of independence, dignity and choice.



Pete Wood

I helped build the Lakeview Rest Homes business, literally, I was a building labourer on Rosewood Lodge, in the days before Health and Safety, and so I managed to build walls, fall off scaffolding and make hundreds of cups of tea.

Despite moving away a working for business and government around the world, my expertise was often called upon. I spend many a Christmas Day, serving teas or washing up in the homes.

I re-joined the business in early 2015, as we opened the Moorings and changed many of the back office activities, such as recruitment, reporting and time-sheets. The van designs were my idea too. Despite a few wrinkles, I am still devilishly handsome and still called on to make cups of tea for team mates, residents and visitors, (I’m also still not sure how I managed to get this job).


Nick Wood

Aged 9 I came home from school one day to find an elderly lady sat in my favourite chair eating her dinner and hogging the TV remote control. It was really confusing! That was the very first day in the history of Lakeview Rest Homes and 29 years on we are still going strong. My passion for care comes from the many amazing childhood memories this industry has afforded me and the many of life’s characters I have met.

I joined the Company officially in September 2000 when we were a much smaller group of two homes with a care offering of 48 bedrooms in total. I have literally worked my way up through the Company from the bottom. In my time with Lakeview I have been responsible for two extensions to Lakeview, the purchase and redevelopment of Newfield Lodge (including its recent shift in focus to dementia care) and more recently the design and delivery of The Moorings which has won ‘The Most Outstanding Care Home Redevelopment in the UK’ for 2014 and 2015.


Gina Pownall

I am the Operations Manager for Lakeview Rest Homes and the Registered Manager for The Moorings. I have been with with the company for nearly 3 years and I have a track record of managing the delivery of care on to large care homes. I boast a Level 2, 3 & 5 Diploma in Health & Social Care.

I possesses the compassion and have an in-depth knowledge of person centred care complimented with the requirements needed to meet regulation guidelines. I have gained knowledge through practice of medical conditions and the impact on daily living as well as a sound understanding of medication administration and other clinical areas.

I enjoy motivating and leading team members to be successful and expand their knowledge to provide the highest standards of care for residents. I strive to ensure our teams value each resident and work with residents’ friends and families to build lasting relationships and ensure they have as much time as they require to meet our resident’s needs.


“Finding the right type of care doesn’t have to be difficult , you are not alone we can help you”

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