We are classed as being in the elite ‘BAND 1’ by both Lancashire County Council and Blackpool Borough Council. This means that our care teams are amongst the best trained in Lancashire. With the Council’s target being that 50% of your care team hold an NVQ Level 2 or higher in care, all of our homes easily exceed this target. We regularly have over 90% of our care team in possession of NVQ Level 2 or higher.

In addition to NVQ’s, there are mandatory training elements that must be renewed at regular intervals. You can be certain that all members of our care teams are qualified in moving and handling, basic first aid (with a qualified first aider on each shift), FSA, Mental Capacity Act, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, safeguarding of vulnerable adults, fire training, common induction standards, infection control, emergency procedures and Social Care information and learning services induction.

We also encourage our teams to undertake training that whilst not mandatory, is beneficial in caring for people. We strictly monitor this area to ensure that all of our staff exceed the minimum requirements. Examples are: risk assessment, COSHH, dealing with challenging behaviour, customer relations, falls prevention, foot care, alzheimer’s and dementia, diabetes and Person-centred planning in social care.

Also, all of our homes are rated highly by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), so you can be certain of the high quality care we are able to offer.

Regulators in Health & Social Care recognise that all care should be person centred and therefore have taken away the staff:resident ratios previously used. Each home will assess the needs of all the residents and staff based on these needs. This ensures that, as an individual you are recognised and supported to live your life as you choose.

Primarily, we are inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and they inspect all care homes in the UK. They ensure that we maintain (and exceed) the Essential standards of quality and safety. We enjoy a close, productive relationship with CQC ensuring our residents the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes whilst in our care.

We are also inspected by Lancashire Fire Brigade to ensure that our homes are safe and remain so in the future.

We also receive regular visits from the Health & Safety Inspector, Health & Hygiene Inspector, Environmental Health and Continence Service.

In addition to this we carry out an internal inspection of each home every month. This is exceptionally thorough and might include things such as inspecting medication administration and storage, care plan updates, talking to our residents to gauge their comments, food (menus and quality), laundry service etc. We take this obligation very seriously in order to ensure that our homes are of the finest quality.

We are a family owned and operated company with a ‘hands-on’ approach and that will always remain the case. Whilst we have been successful in what we do (offering top quality care at fairer prices than our competitors) to such an extent that we have expanded the company whilst others have had to make cutbacks, our homes are situated in close proximity to each other in Lytham St. Annes. This means that we are never more than 5 minutes away from any of our homes and are able to enjoy close involvement.

Our own philosophy of care is that we would aim to care for people to a standard that would expect our own parents to be cared for. We employ people who share our philosophy on care and are very careful in our selection processes.

We hope to create an informal atmosphere where our residents feel valued, cared for, appreciated and able to form lasting bonds.

We genuinely care for the residents we look after and hope to make lasting bonds with each person. An important factor when caring someone is to build a trusting relationship. When a person comes to our homes to receive care, we aim to care for them as long as possible, as long as it remains safe to do so and as long as this is the correct care setting for them.

We understand that a person moving into a care home may have sacrificed their own home to do so and that they now view one of our care homes as their own home – we do not take this lightly. If someone needs to leave one of our homes, it is only because all other options have been exhausted and the move would ultimately be of benefit to the resident.

If a residents health deteriorates whilst in our care, we will liaise with that resident’s GP, any nurses that may be involved and other healthcare/social care professionals whom might be involved. We will all have the shared goal of working towards achieving the best possible outcomes for the resident in our care. We will always take the position that whilst it is safe to do so (and will not cause the resident any detriment) we will work hard and do our very best to provide genuine care in a difficult time. We will not desert our responsibilities.

Only if all of the involved healthcare professionals tell us that it is not in the best interests of the resident for them to remain in our care and that they require a more specialised care setting, will we consider the possibility that a resident may have to leave our homes.

If this situation occurs, you will be kept informed at every opportunity and you will be involved in all decisions that need to be made.

Yes. Indeed whilst we have already furnished all of our bedrooms to a high standard, we would encourage you to bring what you need in order to help you settle. The Care Standards Act 2000 stipulates that bedrooms must be a minimum of 12m2 – excluding en-suite facilities. Our bedrooms all exceed this amount, so there is the opportunity to bring cherished items from home.

Yes. We are happy to take residents on a trial basis or for a short holiday (known as respite) to see if residential care or indeed our homes are for them. Respite stays can usually be funded by Lancashire County Council (via what are known as “respite vouchers”) or Blackpool Borough Council (providing you fall under their jurisdiction). For information on this, please contact us.

We have our own minibus, which is modern and up to modern safety requirements. Our residents enjoy trips to The Trafford Centre, Wrea Green, Fleetwood Boating Lake, The Odeon Cinema, Owd Nell’s, the Horse Sanctuary, Southport Flower Show, Blackpool Illuminations, The Grand Theatre, shopping and various local public houses. At The Moorings, there is a private car to take residents on outings or to appointments.

For those who prefer to stay a bit closer to home, we are happy to take our residents out for walks or wheelchair rides. Some of our residents require help to maintain their independence and so we facilitate that, for example, taking our residents our shopping or to the post office etc.

At some of our homes, we are lucky enough to have the facilities to store personal motor scooters to assist our residents in maintaining their independence. These facilities are secure and have the necessary equipment for charging motorised scooters.

Oh yes! Breakfast is anything goes. Whether that be a full-English breakfast, cereal, porridge, prunes, grapefruit, toast, tea, coffee (and) or orange – the choice is yours.

Our Menu’s are created with our residents to ensure that we are offering them the choices they desire. Each of our chefs prepare home cooked, nutritional and varied meals daily. The menu’s are seasonal and rotate on monthly basis and we also offer an additional menu for those that prefer a lighter option.

Please contact us if you would like an example of one of our homes weekly menu’s

Yes, we accept both. If you require any assistance with regard to funding, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are happy to help.

There is no catch! Here at Lakeview, we have recognised that every individual deserves to have high quality care and support regardless of financial means or care needs.

One of our main priorities is to ensure that the residents and visitors of the homes are the primary focus of everything we do. We are firm about our open culture which allows individual the freedom of speech to express any concerns or issues they may have before it escalates any further. By doing this it has enabled us to increase customer satisfaction and staff morale.

The senior management team also have an active role in ensuring the quality of the services we provide maintain at the highest level.

We have taken the decision to ensure that each home has a number of bedrooms that can accommodate a number of funded residents without a 3rd party top-up fee. We appreciate that in an emergency situation when time is critical, residents, their families and indeed social workers do not need the hassle of negotiating a top-up, so to make things easier for you (and us), we took this decision.

These bedrooms still exceed the minimum room sizes required by the CQC in conjunction with the Care Standards Act 2000, and all of the bedrooms are fully en-suite and most importantly the care is still the same great, quality service we expect all of our residents to receive.

We believe that a care home should be just like a real home, with intimate areas, tasteful decoration and comfortable seating. We constantly re-invest in our homes to ensure they are comfortable, furnished to a high standard and well maintained. We hope that our residents come to call our homes “their home”, and as such we work hard to achieve a more homely environment and atmosphere.

We are lucky enough to have all of our homes in the St. Annes area, whilst each has its own unique environment. For those who love the sea breeze we have The Moorings, which overlooks the Irish Sea, for those who like Fairhaven and the facilities at Fairhaven Lake, we have Lakeview, for those who like the sea but maybe not the breeze, we have Rosewood Lodge (which overlooks the sandunes), and for those who like the hustle and bustle of a town centre setting, we have Newfield Lodge, which is situated in St. Annes town centre.


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