Respite / Short Break

In each of our homes we offer respite and short breaks. This could be for many reasons, it may be that a carer is going away or requires some time off, it may be that someone wishes to try out the services we offer before committing to anything long term.

Some respite care can be unplanned, and in the case of an emergency we at Lakeview Rest Homes we can offer you a suitable environment to meet your needs. One of the benefits for taking a respite care break is increased social interaction with others. Often, people do not get the chance to spend time socialising on a daily basis with other people or taking part in meaningful activities. On a respite break the individual is given the opportunity to experience this.

The well being of carers is just as important as that of the person they are caring for. A period of respite will allow the carer the chance to renew their energy levels and maintain a high standard of care for the individual.

To enquire about a respite stay at one of our homes, please call our enquiry line on 01253 922688 or 07885 570870. 



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