Independent Help & Advice

Where Can I Find Help?

Help is available from many sources including:

  • Your GP
  • Your local Social Services department
  • Local voluntary organisations for older people
  • The Care Quality Commission – CQC

What can the Local Authority do?

They will make an assessment of your needs, and produce a report called a care plan. It is important to be honest about your needs so that they can offer you the best help they can.

If you are assessed as needing assistance, the local authority has a legal duty to provide you with the care you require, although the levels of care and charges may vary from area to area.

They may also be able to suggest other organisations that can help if the local authority cannot, or you do not want them to. They will also advise you about any benefits to which you may be entitled. Many people are hesitant about applying for benefits, particularly if they have never applied for them before. However, it is important to take advantage of them if you are eligible because they may enable you to achieve better outcomes as you get older.

For example Attendance Allowance does not depend on your income or saving, and can be extremely useful to you and your carers.

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