Medical Care

All residents have full choice and access to private and NHS medical services. All of our residents are registered with a local GP of their choice. The district nurses provide some nursing treatment and care with the home and particularly support is along with Trinity the hospice during end of life stages.

We have physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapy and dieticians visiting the home as it is needed.

We use screening tools such as the Waterlow Score and the MUST to ensure appropriate referrals are made at the earliest detection stage.

All residents have access to visiting opticians, chiropodists and dentists if they wish or we will support residents to maintain relationships with their own if they prefer. Continence issues within the home are dealt with by The Continence Service.

The care team work closely with the residents, the GPs and families to ensure that any problems are detected and referrals to specialists are dealt with promptly.

The local memory service support us with the diagnosis and support of those with dementia and the community mental health team address any mental health needs.


“Finding the right type of care doesn’t have to be difficult , you are not alone we can help you”

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