It is our aim to ensure that we only admit residents whose assessed needs can be met. This is done by ensuring that a full proper assessment is carried out before the resident is admitted to the home. This is done with the assistance of the family, Doctors, District Nurses, mental health workers, service users themselves and their social workers. Service user’s identified needs are recorded in our care plan. If any needs are identified which we know we will not be able to meet, the service user will be informed straight away and a full explanation will be given detailing the reasons. These care plans are holistic and focus on the person. We encourage the new resident and their families to be involved in the formation of the care plan as well as any future reviews of the plan.

Essential Standards of Quality and Safety

The homes all benefit from en-suite bedrooms, and can accommodate elderly people from 65 years of age onwards, who require Residential Care facilities, this should comply with the regulations stated in the “Essential Standards Of Quality And Safety”. Emergency admissions will be carried out in conjunction with the emergency social worker, providing that a full assessment is done within 48 hours. Where a social worker is not involved, an update will be carried out by the Home Manager/ Deputy Manager. We operate a non-sex discrimination policy, so all men and women are welcome.

Six Steps to Success End of Life Programme

If we can meet our residents’ needs, we aim to care for them until the end of their life in the home surrounded by those who care for them. We do this with the support of district nurses, doctors and the “Six Steps To Success End Of Life Programme”.

Type of Care Offered

Unfortunately, our homes do not cater for Nursing Care; it is a Residential Care Home. Any necessary minimal nursing care will be provided for service users by visiting District Nurses e.g. wound dressing. Any service user requiring full Nursing Care will be assessed and advised to go into a Nursing Home. Quite simply, we will not accept somebody’s money if we can’t deliver the end of life care they require.